What’s In Your Box?? Wednesday Sept 5

Hey all ! Alright ….here’s the updated list for what you’ll find in your box tomorrow after looking through the gardens a little better today. I am super excited to have scored a fun “not so little” addition to your share this week:)

Summer Squash

Sweet Corn (a couple of ears)

Tomatoes (mainly romas, some heirloom varieties and cherries)

Peppers (Green bell, Hot Peppers of all sorts)


Eggplant (multiple varieties)

Chinese Cabbage (2 varieties)


Beets (Red and Yellow)

Turnips (may only be in full shares)




Beans (They just keep coming ….so I picked them)


My sister in law grew a large amount of watermelons and actually has them coming out of her ears so I purchased them for a stellar deal. Since we are on our first year in the new garden and learning how to utilize our space, this is something that I have missed growing this year. She uses the same growing practices as I do so they are pesticide free.  The ones I am including in your box were picked last week so they are ripe NOW. She said to eat them sooner than later…..and most of them are seeded. I hope you enjoy them!

Here are some recipes for you to try:)

Wondering what the white eggplant looking thing is?? Here’s a few tips to help 🙂 How to Cook a Small White Eggplant

Stuffed Mini Eggplant (includes parsley, cherry tomatoes…doesn’t need to be vegan)

Summer Squash Corn Chowder

Fresh Corn and Summer Squash Tacos uses a ton of great ingredients!

Chipotle Lime Radish Salad

3 great recipes right here!










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