What’s In Your Box? 8/27

Hello Again! I think it’s safe to say that summer break is officially over, isn’t it? What a crazy, fun summer it has been….seems like way too fast, yet it’s only natural to us Michiganders to begin to crave all the goodness that fall brings each year. We are looking forward to a solid end to our CSA season as we anticipate at least 6 more weeks of produce…..can I get a Whoop Whoop?? Every year it is my goal to extend the season just as long as the weather allows and this year is shaping up to be the longest season yet.

What can you look forward to this week? Welp…..here it is:

Golden Beets


Tomatoes (cherry, grape, roma & larger sizes)

Green Peppers

Hot Peppers

Yellow Sweet Banana Peppers

Summer Squash


Curly Kale

Eggplant (4 different varieties throughout)


Swiss Chard

Chinese Cabbage Leaves

Some turnips (full shares)


We are looking forward to a large crop of sweet potatoes and winter squash coming more heavily soon as well! Wishing you all a blessed Week !



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