What’s In Your Box? July 17/18

Hey all! My apologies….I am so sorry I did not get this to you sooner!  Let me take a minute and explain what you may have found in your boxes today.



Cabbage (full shares)

Salad Greens (full shares)


Onions: Red

Green Peppers/ Banana Peppers/ Jalapenos








Summer Squash

Cupcake Squash : this looks like a little green pumpkin, its a fast growing squash, similar to a zucchini, but resembles a winter squash.  Shaped like a cupcake,  somewhat sweet, somewhat savory. Go-to squash for roasting, slicing, grilling, boiling, and stuffing, ‘Cupcake’ combines patty-pan’s rich, sweet flavor and zucchini’s soft skin. Unfortunately the crop was in a wet spot and didn’t do fantastic, that is why there were so few in your boxes, I am hoping to try them again.


We are in an early summer/ mid summer transition point in our season. Some new varieties are making their way into your boxes, but not an over abundance of them yet. Therefore, it is hard to say specifically what you’ll have and how much of it at this time. I hope you guys have some fun with your boxes this week….if you are unsure of what to do with it all….roast a bunch together and throw in onions and rosemary. …or even better, let us all know what you make with it on Facebook or email….love hearing your ideas!

Hope you all have a fantastic week:)

~Janine Dekker, The Farmer’s Wife




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