What’s In Your Box? July 5

Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a great holiday weekend:) Looking forward to a plentiful delivery/pickup for you all this week….our summer harvest is just starting to ramp up.  Here’s a list of what you should see in your boxes on Wednesday:

Collards (this is the end of this crop until fall…I know some of you are saying, Halleluiah)

Swiss Chard (last of this until fall as well)


Broccoli and/or Cabbage

Purple Kohlrabi

Mustard/ Mizuna/ Spinach/ Salad Mix


Possibly Zucchini this week:)


Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers, Green Beans and Cucumbers are right on the horizon….looking forward to new flavors and colors the next few weeks!


I’ve been on a huge chopped salad kick lately and with all of the Kale we still have available, I thought I’d throw a few recipes here for you to try.

Chopped Kale Power Salad

Favorite Detox Salad

Chopped Mexican Kale Salad

Mashed cauliflower and kohlrabi

Enjoy the rest of your weekend…..God Bless America!!




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