What’s In Your Box? June 19/20

Good Morning ! I don’t know about you guys but we’ve been having a rain dance marathon over here …and hopefully the Good Lord blesses us with some serious moisture soon.  So, the jitters of week 1 drop off/pick up have passed, and it was so good to reconnect with many of you again! Thank you so much for being patient while I work out the delivery end of the farm this year.

So, what can you plan on in your box next week?


Broccoli Raab


Kale (Fizz Kale and Blue Curled Kale)

Swiss Chard


Herbs (Fennel)

Tat Soi and/or Bok Choy

Peas (snow/sugar snap)

Also, I have eggs for sale for $3 / dozen on a first come-first serve basis. Our chickens are fed organic and are considered free range . Just shoot me an email if you’d like them added to your order this week.

I hope you are enjoying the recipes from last week! So far I have made, the strawberry basil chicken, chicken sausage, sweet potato and kale hash, and  strawberry smashed avocado toast (over Ezekial toast with hemp seeds sprinkled on top). We are planning on Tuna Wraps for lunch a day this week with either the Collards or Bok Choy leaves and I bought the extra ingredients for kale brownies…I cannot wait to try!

Here are some recipe ideas for this week

Kale and Kohlrabi Salad

Roasted Radishes and Broccoli Raab

French Breakfast Radishes on Toast

Roasted Radishes (my favorite way to eat them)

Kale Smoothie

Sauteed Tatsoi

So, which recipes are you going to try next week? Hope you are all having a great one so far ! And if you could….keep on dancin’ for that rain, sound good?

Talk Soon,

Janine, the Farmer’s Wife




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