What’s in Your box? June 12/13

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Good morning ! Hope this blog post finds you all well on this Wednesday morning:) Looks like we have some warm weather on the horizon…just in time for summer break to officially begin…woohoo! We are so excited to begin our deliveries on Monday, I am working on a route as we speak. If you haven’t sent your address to farmerswifecsa@gmail.com please do so, so that I can make sure I have you covered. Just a reminder, to those partaking in delivery, a cooler in a shady spot is highly recommended if you will not be home. The weather looks to be hitting 90 degrees Monday and I want you to come home to fresh vegetables rather than sad ones. I plan to deliver in the afternoon.

If you plan to pick up Monday or Tuesday, please let me know what time you are thinking so I can make arrangements for your produce as well:)

Here we go!! Here is your list for next week….

swiss chard

2 varieties of kale




snap peas (snow & sugar)

Chinese cabbage Bok Choi

Chinese cabbage Tat Soi


Here are a few recipe ideas to try

Sweet Potato and Kale Hash (we eat this regularly)

Lemon Pepper Chicken Sausage & Kale Stirfry  (calls for lacinato kale, any kale works)

Kale Brownies

Strawberry Swiss Chard Smoothie

Strawberry Basil Chicken

Strawberry Basil Smashed Avocado Toast

20 minute Tat Soi stir fry

Bok Choy Tuna Wraps

Paula Deen’s Quick Collard Greens

…..and as always… please share any other recipes you make on our Facebook page ! It’s always fun seeing taste tested recipes and what works great for other people in the CSA. Have a great week! See you soon!

~Janine, the Farmer’s Wife





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