Season Opener

Good Morning! The date is set…..first produce Drop Off date will be Monday, June 12th, and pickup will be Tuesday, June 13! After a chilly start to spring, our crops are getting established in the ground and we are welcoming the new growth starting to gain speed!


DROP OFF CUSTOMERS: Delivery will happen Monday afternoons. If you will not be home, please make sure you let me know where you would like the produce dropped. I highly recommend a shady spot and a large cooler I can set the box and/or produce inside until you are able to bring it inside. I will do my best to package produce for freshness. Please make sure I have your address, brief description of location (color of house, landmarks, etc) and phone number in case I need to call. You may email me that info at

PICK UP CUSTOMERS: Pick up will be available at our home on Tuesdays, according to the times that work for you. Please let me know best available time so I make sure to have produce ready for you when you come. I will send out my home address in an email:)

**Since we are smaller this year and I will be swapping out boxes at drop off locations, we will be doing a take a box, leave a box rotation each week (after the first pick up). This simple means, you do not need to transfer all of your produce from your box this year, you can simply take your box, as long as you leave one for me to refill for next week. Delivery folks, please leave your box out for me to grab as well. I will provide the boxes for the first and second weeks to get the rotation going.




So….what can you expect your first week? (tentatively)


Swiss Chard


Snap Peas


Spicy Mix Lettuce Blend




Chinese Cabbages: Tat soi and/or Bok choy

This list will be updated next week and I will supply a few recipe ideas to help you incorporate this produce into your weekly meal planning.

FARM FRESH EGGS are also available each week for $3.00 per dozen.


Excited and anxious to begin harvesting around here. Can’t wait to start seeing you all again! Have a great day:)