Good Morning!

Here is some information on the apples that will be available for purchase next week:)

Grandview Orchard is a family owned business located in Jamestown, Michigan and their shop that is open to the public is now open for the season! Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE.

Early varieties available to  you next week are:

Paula Reds


Ginger Golds

(These are all both baking and eating apples)

Here is some info on quantities and pricing…..stay tuned for a Form to fill out via email:)

1/4 peck $3

1/2 peck $5

Peck $8

1/2 Bushel $12

Bushel $20

1/4 peck is approximately 3 lbs, 1/2 peck is 6 lbs, full peck is 12 lbs (approx.)

1 lb of apples = 3 medium apples, 2 cupes sliced

1 peck of apples = 10-12 lbs, 32 medium, 3-4~ 9″ pies, 7-9 qt frozen, 4 qt canned

1 bushel = 42-48 lbs, 126 medium apples, 15~ 9″ pies, 30-36 pints frozen, 16-20 qt canned


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