What’s In your Box? August 31

Hello there! I am so sorry it’s been a bit….this totally slipped my mind last week. I hope you all enjoyed your “surprise boxes” last Wednesday:)

Looking ahead for the week…here’s what you can expect in your share:


Summer Squash

Butternut, Buttercup or Spaghetti Squash




Romaine Lettuce

Swiss Chard

Possibly Leeks and/or Pie Pumpkins


As expected….after a few weeks of rather heavy boxes, they will begin to lighten up as the season comes to an end. Given that they are full of squash they are actually quite heavy, but the amounts will be less. The goal for last pick up date is September 28th….October 5th if we are lucky since we do have some later crops planted that aren’t quite ready yet due to the replant after our flooding situation.

If you are interested in canning tomatoes…we do have some available in half bushels…just let me know before Wednesday if you’d like some. They are $7 per half.

I realize that the fall brings a whole new level of busy for all of us. If you have a hard time making it to a pick up, please let me know. I am also wondering your thoughts on switching the pick up time to 3:30-6:00 since most shares are picked up around that time anyway. Please let me know your thoughts ! Thanks so much…hope you all have a great day:)

Also…I want to hear what you did with your rutabagas last week?



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