What´s In Your Box ? July 13

Hi Everyone! Looking forward to another week at the farm:)

I am bummed I missed a bunch of you last week because I had some serious work to do in the garden that had been getting pushed back for too long. Glad you could connect with my mom, though:) She´s been a lifesaver this season.

What a beautiful rain we got today! It was perfect. I irrigated all day Sunday unsure of what the weather would bring this week so after the downpour today, I had to quick check things out to make sure we weren´t under water again. So far so good! This heat is bringing on some new items for the week. What can you plan for in your box this week!?



Swiss Chard


Cherry Tomatoes







Since it is the start to some new crops and the end to some others….there may be some things that are in some boxes and not others. We try to do our best to make things even as possible , but at the same rate, want to make sure your given an ample amount of something to actually make something with it or have it with a meal . If a box is short on one thing, we make sure to fill it with another. Thank you for understanding!

Here are a few pics  I snapped tonight in the weedy garden 🙂


So excited that the first batch of sweet corn is getting close and that the pumpkins and squash are coming around at our original location!! Looking like a fall bumper crop with all that we have put in:)

Have a great week everyone!


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