What´s in your Box? June 15

Good morning!

Perfect morning rain today:) We might feel different picking tomorrow in a thunderstorm…but hey…worse things could happen…and RAIN IS A GOOD THING:)

So what´s in your box this week?

Collards, Kale, Snap Peas, Basil, Radishes, Chinese Cabbage (Joi Choi)

full shares will have the start of Green Beans

The beginning of the season tends to be lighter than average and more on the leafy side of things. Please don´t be discouraged…I PROMISE YOU…as the season ramps up…God willing…there will be plenty of goodness in your boxes.

I will post a sign on Chicago Drive and 56th for the CSA and another one in front of the house. (it´s my inlaws house for pick up)  See me at the big red barn under the first service door:) Just a reminder…you´ll want some bags/containers/laundry basket for your produce and to bring a check/cash for any additional things you may have purchased such as bread and/or eggs. Cannot wait to see you all!!! (I´ll probably be the one in the mickey mouse poncho:)

Here are a few recipes I have gathered for you to try. No personal testimony of one this week from me…but I look forward to seeing/hearing what you all whip up!

30 Minute Kale Chicken Soup

What to do with all of your Basil this season

Breakfast Hash (I eat this every week)

Collard Greens

Grilled Ginger Sesame Chopped Chicken Salad


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