What´s in your box? 6/29 …and an update

Good Morning! Looking forward to another beautiful summer week. The weather has been incredible lately. It has been great so encouraging to see so much growth at the farm this week, looking forward to bringing some COLOR to your boxes real soon!This week is still looking pretty green,  (which is all good too!) but there will be a few new items to look forward to….such as KOHLRABI! Ever tried it?

What to do with your Kohlarbi:

Trim off the leaves to cook separately and store the thick skinned bulbs in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator. They will keep well for at least 3 weeks to cook up as you need them. Many enjoy kohlrabi sliced up raw best of all, but you may use both leaves and bulbs as cooked vegetables too. The leaves make a wonderful greens. Cut out and discard the stems, then drop the leaves into a pot of boiling salted water. Cook until just tender, about 3 to 4 minutes. Then heat some olive oil in a skillet, add garlic or chopped onion and sauté until fragrant and softened. Toss in the kohlrabi leaves and cook a few minutes more. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Peel and slice kohlrabi bulbs raw for snacks, just like you would slice up an apple. Thin slices make crispy sweet dip holders or can be used instead of crackers for creamy spreads. Slices are great to add to green salads instead of cucumbers. You’ll find shredded raw kohlrabi makes especially mild, sweet coleslaw, and you can also make kohlrabi pickles. Can´t wait for you to try these!

Here´s what to plan for this week:

Romaine Lettuce

Looseleaf Lettuce



Swiss Chard



Green Beans or Peas

Here are some fun recipes to try:

Grilled Tomato, Mozzarella Swiss Chard Wraps

Leafy Greens and How to Cook Them

Sweet Potato and Swiss Chard Saute

Parsley Potatoes

Parsley Garlic Sauce & A Bites



I spoke with some of you last week about some issues we were running into with the new site for the garden beds. The soil was tested and prepped before the season since we knew we were working with some rather thick clay and the pH and all was set to go! There have been a few hiccups, however that I wanted to just give you a heads up on so you know exactly where your goods are coming from. With the 2 major rainfalls we had in the last couple of weeks…we have suffered some pretty intense flooding.(ugh yes….and even with raised beds!)  A ditch has been dug to relieve the problem but we lost a decent amount of plant material in the process. …This was all last week Monday. We spent Monday and Tuesday trying to dry things out and shift some things around, but basically had to take ¨one in the chin¨ and just plant more seeds in the garden to try to make up for the loss later in the season. Another issue we are noticing, is that certain families of produce are not loving this location. All leafy greens, corn and cruciferous vegetable are THRIVING ….which is incredible to see. The more ¨Normal¨ produce is feeling some stress…such as: Tomatoes, Eggplant, Peppers…..anything with a vine such as pumpkins, watermelon, cucumbers. We are hopeful that what is in the ground at the main field will grow out of the funk they are in and produce a crop near mid summer….but just in case…we´ve added another location of plants for the CSA. Last week my parents, many of you have met my mom at the pick up location, tilled up an area and prepped a planting space at their home in Middleville when they heard this issues I was having. Thank God for parents who you are always able to call….even when you are 30 years old:) I was able to transplant many of the new plugs I had just planted for ¨round 2¨ produce this summer and we are hoping to see them take root and thrive at the new location. My parents also own a retail greenhouse where my mom grows a large variety of organic seedlings for sale and thankfully she had an amazing selection left that I could get from her to give a little jumpstart to production season rather then starting from seed again. I don´t tell you these things to freak you out in any way, however, as a CSA family, I feel like it´s important that your know. Wednesday morning harvest will start over in Middleville with what we have ready there, and end up in the farm in Hudsonville and the pick up will always remain the same. And if I can be completely honest….Lord willing…we should have an incredible BUMPER CROP with the massive amounts of produce we have planted to assure produce this summer:)

If you have any further questions…please ask away ! Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday!





What´s Inside Your Box? June 22

Happy Monday, all!

Hereś what to plan for in your box this week:)



Sugar Snap Peas

Black Magic Kale

Curly Leafed Kale

Broccoli and/or Chinese Cabbage


Yes…a lot of greens this week. But summertime colorful produce is-a-coming!

I shared this on Facebook last night…but used my peas and chinese cabbage as a great side dish to an easy weeknight meal. Just sauteed in oil and garlic for a few minutes until tender.

Perfect if you also bought eggs this week!

Crustless Kale Quiche

21 Ways to Enjoy Kale

Roasted Radishes

Roasted Radishes and Brussels Sprouts Salad

One Skillet Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables


See you all Wednesday between 3:30 – 6:30 !




What´s in your Box? June 15

Good morning!

Perfect morning rain today:) We might feel different picking tomorrow in a thunderstorm…but hey…worse things could happen…and RAIN IS A GOOD THING:)

So what´s in your box this week?

Collards, Kale, Snap Peas, Basil, Radishes, Chinese Cabbage (Joi Choi)

full shares will have the start of Green Beans

The beginning of the season tends to be lighter than average and more on the leafy side of things. Please don´t be discouraged…I PROMISE YOU…as the season ramps up…God willing…there will be plenty of goodness in your boxes.

I will post a sign on Chicago Drive and 56th for the CSA and another one in front of the house. (it´s my inlaws house for pick up)  See me at the big red barn under the first service door:) Just a reminder…you´ll want some bags/containers/laundry basket for your produce and to bring a check/cash for any additional things you may have purchased such as bread and/or eggs. Cannot wait to see you all!!! (I´ll probably be the one in the mickey mouse poncho:)

Here are a few recipes I have gathered for you to try. No personal testimony of one this week from me…but I look forward to seeing/hearing what you all whip up!

30 Minute Kale Chicken Soup

What to do with all of your Basil this season

Breakfast Hash (I eat this every week)

Collard Greens

Grilled Ginger Sesame Chopped Chicken Salad