Shifting Gears

Hello All! Well here we are….just over a month out from our first share pick up. I can hardly believe that it is May(!? ) ….yet am well aware that it has been here with the shifting of gears  of the school year winding down and busy greenhouse schedule that comes along with it.

A lot has been happening around the farm as things progress toward the season, but mother nature still has us feeling a wee bit behind. Last year at this time,  the garden beds were already pulled up and we were averaging 15 degrees warmer that what we are right now. With that being said….the forecast ahead looks somewhat promising as we hope to get all that we can in the ground next weekend !! But that doesn’t mean our veggies aren’t growing in the greenhouse….I’ve just been transplanting them to larger containers to keep up! Check out just a small group of plants that found a new home last week:)



Seedlings are being planted weekly in the greenhouse to keep up with productions but I am so looking forward to more sunshine and warmer temps!


And talk about a transformation Tuesday….or throwback Thursday or whatever you want to call it…..check out these chickens getting all mature and stuff! They have been a fantastic addition to our family here on the farm. Probably the tamest chickens around thanks to our very “hands on” toddlers.


A few things to consider as the season gets closer:

  1. Check out our website and go to the “Storage and Cooking Tips” tab. This is a great resource into seeing what types of produce you can expect getting and what to do with it all!
  2. Over the next month I will be featuring recipes that I will be trying out with some of the early season produce you will be getting in your boxes. Get your creative kitchen hats on and start thinking of ideas to share with everyone as well! If you are on Facebook, the Farmers Wife CSA page is a fantastic place to share recipe ideas …successes and failures…with one another.
  3. Pray for warmer weather!!!  please:)


That’s all from me today. Just wanted to check in and say ‘Hi’….and let you know that I am so excited that pick up season is on its way:) Happy Tuesday everyone!

~Janine, the Farmers Wife











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