Happy New Year!

Well here we are! 2016, folks. I still remember my parents telling me to be home by 10:30 pm on New Years Eve Y2K. Has it really been 16 years?


Well the time has come to sign up for our 2016 growing season at The Farmer´s Wife CSA! The farmer and I have been looking through seed catalogs and getting things set for this year…we cannot wait to get in the greenhouse to get those precious seedlings going.

Even if you are familiar to the CSA, I encourage you to check out our website The Farmers Wife CSA as we´ve made some changes for 2016. Info is in the ¨About¨ section of the site.

I don´t want to sound cliche with New Years resolutions, yada yada yada….but if I´m going to be honest, living a more healthy lifestyle is always on my list for the year. It is my passion and my mission to help make this dream a reality to as many people as I can….one share of produce at a time. I love being part of a community of fresh food lovers…sharing recipe ideas and encouraging one another….I have been so blessed by the members of the farm.

After opening up the shares to previous members, we are offering 25 more spots for 2016. Sign up and PayPal instructions have been added to the website ….check it out!

Learn more and sign up today!

Wishing you all a blessed day and Happy New Year!

~Janine, the Farmer´s Wife


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