The Month of September and Price Changes….

Greetings all!

Looks like summer has decided to hang on a little bit longer after a few chilly days last week. For a lot of you, I know summer break is over as of tonight seeing that school starts tomorrow….or for some, you have 1 more glorious week to go.

For those of you who may have missed it….WE WON TALLEST SUNFLOWER AT THE FAIR THIS YEAR!!! I never got a final height measurement….but I’d say she’s pretty tall!


We also took first in the Roma (plum tomato) department and bi-color sweet corn as well!!

Either way, the hustle and bustle of fall is here. I love talking with you all as you come to pick up your produce, and by the sounds of it, life is busy. I appreciate you coming out every week to buy produce, and taking a step towards healthy eating in your home.

I wanted to apologize to about half of you for last week! I left in a hurry not realizing my babysitter needed to leave early until late in the day. I was in the middle of going through corn since the worms were starting to make an appearance so I wish I could have gotten you all a little more. Our potatoes got super wet this spring so the yields weren’t as great as I hoped. Full shares got another batch of them, but that is about it. I am so sorry:/

There are just a few things left going strong in the garden, such as; another batch of cabbage, basil, eggplant,  butternut squash, radishes and acorn squash. Jordan also has zucchini and summer squash as well. I’m going to try to harvest brussel sprouts and a few more onions really soon. Hopefully I can glean a bit of sweet corn yet as well.


I planted another round of seedlings for a fall batch of spinach, snap peas, and kale but I don’t believe they will be ready for quite some time….:/

In a nutshell, my goal was to make it into October, but I am sad to say that the harvest season will be winding down and the CSA pick ups will only last 2 more weeks. So, September 2nd and 9th will be the last normal pick up days of the season. For these 2 weeks, the prices will change to $10 for a 1/2 share and $20 for a full share. I just do not feel like I will have an adequate amount of produce to keep a consistent ¨normal share pick up¨ past the next couple of weeks.

If you are really loving the squash this time of the season or would love to stock up, let me know and I would love to get you more as needed. Also, I promised honey to you all, made by the bees pollinating Dekker Bros. Farms but that isn’t usually harvested and bottled until late in the fall. I will be getting a hold of each of you when that is ready….maybe the peas and spinach will be ready by then. (kidding,…but not really kidding because that would actually work out great:)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this first season as  The Farmers Wife CSA. I have full intentions on doing this again next year, Lord willing!! It has been a great year of learning and taking notes…I have so many ideas and plans for next season already!! This is not a ¨ end of season¨ letter by any means as there area still a couple of weeks left, I just want to assure those of you that are enjoying your share that we plan to stick around!!

Just a reminder for this week and next…PICK UP is on WEDNESDAYS from 3-6 pm.  and 1/2 shares are now $10 and full shares are $20:)

Looking forward to seeing you all!!


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