A Change in Seasons….

Wow! Feeling like a fall day today. I’m really enjoying it, but am definitely not ready for the summer weather to be over yet. Thankfully it looks like today is just a fluke on the upcoming forecast.  Just a reminder, starting NEXT WEEK, everyone will be picking up on WEDNESDAYS from 3-6. Like always, however, if you cannot make it please let me know and we can try to work something out.

I am so thankful for the rain we have been getting. Being a farmers wife, the weather outside kind of determines the mood of the house, if you know what I mean. Let’s just say, the zucchini farmer is happy this week….I’ll take it;)

I hope you are all enjoying your late summer harvest this week. I love seeing all of the squash ripening in the field. So delicious. Time to bust out those fall recipes!!

So, the tomatoes are peppers are actually coming to an end. I think we may have a few peppers next week, and definitely tomatoes, but that may be it. If some of you are looking for more to can or freeze, don’t miss your chance next week! If you didn’t catch my facebook post, here is an easy way to use up your vegetables if you are starting to run stuck.

“What Am I going To Do With all of these Veggies Sauce”

with Chicken and Pasta

I cut up about 12 tomatoes, 1 eggplant, 1 onion and threw a few small radishes onto a baking sheet. Then, I drizzled it all with olive oil and addes some minced garlic, pepper and basil leaves.


I threw it all in the oven at a pretty low temp…275 and roasted the veggies for 30-40 minutes. The house smelled amazing!


Next, I threw it all in my food processor, and pulsed it a few times to create a sauce.


Using the sauce, I simmer it with some chicken breast, cut into chunks until it is cooked through….approximately 10 minutes.

I spoiled us all by buying some AMAZING Local Epicurean pasta at the farmers market in Holland this week. So stinking good. Put a little sauce overtop and you are good to go! I was going to take a pic of it all plated up, with a little parmesan cheese on top, but then realized that we are still eating off paper plates. Now that I’ve just told you that…why the heck did I care at the time?? Who knows:)

In garden news, Sweet corn is also going fast . If you would like some extra, we are selling it for $3.50 a dozen, just let me know in advance and I will have it picked for you when you come.

Next week you can plan on some potatoes and rosemary again, along with some lettuce for sure.

Here are a few pics from this week in the garden. I really hope the brussel sprouts hang on… I am seeing some bug damage but hopefully we’ve got them under control.


Radishes that should be ready in 2- 3 weeks.


IMG_0293     IMG_0016

Looking forward to hearing what you are all doing with your late summer veggies! See you all next Wednesday!


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