What to Expect

Good Morning!

I cannot wait for our first share pick up next week Tuesday and Thursday!! Stay tuned for an email confirming your pick up date and exact location directions:)  I know some of you are ready to start meal planning for next week, so I wanted to give you a heads up as to what will be in your first, early summer share box. Lots of greens this time of year, but the kale is looking amazing!!

Basil, Collards, Sugar Snap Peas, Kale, Spinach, Onions, Possibly Radishes and Romaine Lettuce

If you buy lettuce in those clear containers (think Earthbound Organic) , you might want to start saving those. They are a great way to transport your greens. Otherwise, arm yourselves with grocery bags to pick up the produce. Your share will be placed in either a half bushel or full bushel box. From there, you will transport the produce to your own bags to bring home.

Here are some pics of how things are growing lately….Check out those brussel sprouts!!

Below : top left: Basil, top right: Cilantro, Bottom Left: Brussels Sprouts with Tomatoes in the background, Bottom Right: Redeemed Romaine lettuce from our gopher friend:)

IMG_3133                                             IMG_3131

IMG_3129                                          IMG_3128

That’s about it for now…but in the meantime, check out this delicious kale chip tutorial as they will be abundant next week!!

How to Make Kale Chips 


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