Bug Off!

This week I wanted to share with you some of the practices I’ve been using in the garden to help with unwanted pests that are starting to show up. With a natural method in mind ….let’s just say my kitchen got a little stinky mixing up quite the concoction.

Meet the intruders: Cucumber Beetles

IMG_3022In a matter of a week…these bad boys can really destroy an entire crop, so when I saw them I began researching what to do to get rid of them fast! I blended up a mixture of containing mostly garlic and hot peppers…while I thought the smell was delicious at first….garlic seemed to be trapped in every nook in my house for a week!

On an evening this week I headed out to the garden to try it out.

IMG_3044         IMG_3042

Tiny bottle for a not very tiny job, I know:)

It rained about 8 hours after I sprayed so I was a little worried it didn’t work, but to my pleasant surprise, I only spotted 2 beetles left in the entire row that I simply picked off. Here’s to hoping a weekly spray of this stuff will help keep those bugs away!!


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