It’s Harvest Month!!

Hi Everyone!!

I hope this post finds you well!? Happy first of June to you all. I can hardly believe it. Wrapping up the school year and jumping head first into the next planned thing; summer is here!

Well you know what June means….it’s harvest month!! With the cooler start to spring, and extremely wet conditions, we are looking at the first share pick up to be the week of June 22nd.  What should you expect  in that first basket?? Kale, Collard Greens, Sugar Snap Peas, Spinach, possibly radishes and maybe some beets. These crops are well on their way..with the potential of a few onions as well…we shall see! I have been playing around with some recipes to start trying out some of the veggies you will be getting to help you meal plan for the week. I will post later in the week the ¨chicken collard wraps¨  I am going to make.

IMG_2833                IMG_2832  IMG_2831                      IMG_2829

Despite the wet conditions and not being able to start everything on time, we had our first ¨natural hindrance” occur this past week. A big fat gopher found has been feasting on our Romaine Lettuce:( Thankfully, Romaine is a lettuce that can bounce back….however, its rather unsightly at the moment. I planted another batch as soon as I saw this…and we are working on creating a barrier for the garden to keep our furry friends away.


What else has been recently planted?? Pumpkins, tons of tomatoes, watermelon, cilantro, sunflowers, basil, lots of lettuces, potatoes, and round 2 of cabbage, beans and cucumbers….. I cannot wait until summer/fall harvest!

I am looking forward to the next few weeks and finalizing signage and whatnot so you can all find the farm with ease. I can’t wait to chat with you all and to start reaping the rewards of the garden. Have a great evening!!!


tonight in the garden


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