One more day of rain and I might just¨Pee My Plants!¨


So….we’ve gotten some rain in the past week …..

I ventured out to the garden today to water and plant a few more vegetables in the garden. This is what I found!!


I thought about grabbing my kayak and floating down the aisles…but I didn’t. Getting close to the plants wasn’t even an option since the ground was so saturated. Lets just say…..THANK GOODNESS FOR RAISED BEDS!!

On top of the plastic there in the above pic you can see our cute little vegetables popping out at the top. They are looking great and thankfully are not sitting in any water. Whoop Whoop! Unfortunately…this sets a few veggies back as far as getting them planted in the ground. I held off on transplanting the eggplant and planting the potatoes and romaine lettuce from seed today, but was able to head to the greenhouse and transplant a whole bunch of seedlings into larger containers, since it may be a bit until they get out of the ground. What does this mean?? Not sure yet. But it might put the produce back a week or so.

The good news?? Things are still alive and thriving! Praise God:)

Here are some pics from last week….on an 80 degree day in May….who would even have thought. Michigan…get it together. IMG_2154 IMG_2168 IMG_2191 IMG_2195

I do know one thing…what a beautiful spring we’ve been blessed with!! Lush and green….God’s Handiwork:)


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