Stopping to smell the flowers….

Happy Sunny Saturday!

What a beautiful, but chilly day it is! I am so ready to pack away the winter gear…but at least its not snowing out. I hope you have all had a great week. In the weeks leading up to Spring Break, spring sports seasons for kids, and just the fact that we tend to cram a little more into life as the days seem to get longer, I know that life can seem a little hectic.


In the next month or so we are planning to sell our very first home (tear)  and move our now ¨family-of-5¨ to a slightly larger place to make new memories. In the craziness of life and work and everything else, I was inspired by my sweet boys today. They said ¨Mom, just stop and smell the flowers, would ya? ¨ Now I know not everyone has a greenhouse full of flowers to run to this time of year….but my hope for you, especially as we get anticipate the Easter holiday, is to simply stop. Take a breath. And realize all that we have to be thankful for.  Cherish the time you can spend with those around you…and if you happen to be enjoying some quiet time alone…by golly, CHERISH that time too                          !!IMG_0842

Ok…now onto business!! My little helpers came out to the farm today to help me water our beautiful seedlings. Tomatoes are just starting to come up, and things are looking great:)

IMG_0797IMG_0795                          IMG_0793 Wishing you all a great weekend ….and how ’bout them Spartans, huh??


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